Everest Business College as name suggests "Business"- In general this Business School will be focused in providing a practical based business education to the students. This business school will be affiliated from the one of the known university of Nepal Tribhuvan University. Masters in Business Administration with several core courses will be the core service provided by the business college. The six proprietors with the different national and international academic experience together with several business experts, professors and business houses will be involved in business activity. An excellent networking opportunity and an opportunity to excel in the leadership potential will be provided by the business school. Practical, experience based education and vesting students with necessary skills to excel in competitive market together with vocational education will be the core business activity of the business school. The business school will produce a nationally and internationally competent individual.

Vision and Mission Statement
Ø  "To be the nations' best Business School in producing nationally and internationally competent individuals".
Ø  "To promote the modern teaching and learning techniques which emphasizes on practical education that provides individual an opportunity to discover oneself, help them groom into the well skilled, professional and competent individual capable of facing the challenges of real work environment scenario nationally and internationally and securing their future career".

PEST Analysis
No business operates in vacuum. There are several forces in environment that has a major impact on the operation of the businesses. These environmental forces may be political, legal, social, economic and technological. Thus before starting any business it is essential to have an analysis on the environmental forces of the nation where the business is opted to operate or established. PEST analysis of Nepal is given below;

Political-legal status of Nepal
The political structure of Nepal has been a republican democracy since 2063 with the president as a head of the nation. The United Nepal Communist Party (Maoist), Nepali Congress, Nepal Communist Party (UML), Madheshi Jana Adhikar forums are the biggest parties in Nepal. As per the World Governance Indicator 2011 the political stability and no violence index and corruption control index score for Nepal was -1.68 and -0.685 respectively. 27th May 2012 is the day of disclosing the draft on the new constitution of Nepal which all the Nepalese citizens have been awaiting for long period of time. Getting closer to the date of announcement different strikes on different part of the country regarding the protest of different demand by several group of people has been witnessed in few past days. These strikes have huge impact on the different sector including the education. The draft on new constitution announced on 27th of May 2012 is supposed to be the panacea for fulfilling their needs and desires and remedy to establish peace on the nation. However, the heterogeneity in the consent of key parties responsible for writing the constitution regarding the demand of federal state leaves the future of the country dilemma.
The government of Nepal to provide the standard form of education to its citizen has prescribed the different laws and regulations. The ministry of education looks out for the uplifting the educational rate and standards of Nepalese citizens. Government of Nepal has budgeted 4% of total GDP to be spend in educational sector. To enhance the higher educational level government has been open to several national and international institutions that provide higher education to the citizens of Nepal. Thus, the legal status of the nation is fruitful for establishing university in Nepal.